Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who Needs Enemies

"You're my best friend." he said.

And with that they had created something beautiful.

Many suns set, and then rose once more. They were older.

"You're right, we haven't talked in a while, let's do that soon." he stated.

The earth had made three revolutions now.

"I miss you, too." he sighed.

The gap only expanded exponentially.

"You're married, no kidding?!" he asked.

Half a century now.

"Terminal." he explained.

They were brought together in the end.

"You're my best friend." he was finally able to say.

That beautiful something never died.

On a separate note, I just finished listening to the album, "Feeding The Wolves" by 10 Years for the third time, and I'd have to recommend it to anyone interested or open to expanding their music collection.

"For everyone that you had fooled. And every fire you have fueled. All that times that you cried wolf. I blame you."