Friday, February 4, 2011

Maybe Not A White Christmas, But At Least A White Winter

A lot of people laugh at me when I explain to them that I'm from Texas and have never encountered anything close to snow, but I saw snow for the first time today, and what a glorious thing it was!

The Deep South recently got a huge burst of wintery weather out of nowhere over the past week or so, with temperatures consistently being in the low 20's, complete with frozen roads and closed schools (except my university, of course :P). As a fan of cold weather, words simply cannot express my delight it is to finally experience what I've dreamed about for so long, especially as a young child: an actual white winter!

After coming home for the weekend, I just woke up and had to venture outside to see if it, indeed, had snowed overnight. I walked out onto the porch to see the yard lightly patched with snow, however, our garden was completely covered in it. I jogged out into the yard and looked onto our roof, and what I saw was worthy of being on a Christmas card, I know it may sound silly, but it was almost like a dream!

Here's a quick picture I took of the garden:

Happy Winter everyone :)